Statement: Demosistō Will Not Succumb until Democratic Demands are Met

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NPCSC Chairman Zhang Dejiang’s short visit revealed the true colours of the HKSAR government: a puppet regime that prioritizes the interests of the Communist Part of China (“CPC”) rather than those of the Hong Kong people. Speaking about the importance of the rule of law and humility of government officials just last night, Zhang’s official accommodation exhibits the precise opposite. Just yesterday while visiting the Science Park, all traffic in the area was suspended so that Zhang’s convoy could travel in the reverse direction. In response the Hong Kong Police Force merely emphasized that the public should be tolerant.

    Without meaningful representation in the pre-1997 negotiations of the city’s future, Hong Kong’s 30-year long civil movement had been an uphill battle. Yet, CY Leung’s regime has been dismantling these efforts and kowtowing to the CPC, undermining the city’s autonomy during the process, and sacrificing the ‘two systems’ under the Basic Law.
One should recall that Zhang was heavily involved in laying down the 2014 ‘8.31 Framework’ – the primary obstacle to instituting universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Zhang later described the Framework as ‘unchallengeable’ and ‘immovable’, in the hopes that the Hong Kong people would be compelled to succumb and accept phony elections. It is an affront to the dignity expected of a world superpower that the CPC should go back on their pre-97 commitments in attempting to shape Hong Kong’s future to its whim.
We can no longer stomach the indignation experienced from the repeated attempts to rob Hong Kong of its democratic future.

    This morning, Demosistō has once again protested against Zhang. We hope to convey this message to the public of Hong Kong, the Chinese government and the international community: we refuse to follow any ‘roadmap’ for political reform tossed to us on a plate under the current framework. We strive for a Hong Kong where its people may exercise the inherent right to self-determination. We envision a Hong Kong that is of, by and for the Hong Kong people; not one that is merely for its tycoons, and certainly not for the CPC.
Self-determination by the Hong Kong people is not an option - it is an inevitability. Our protests against Zhang were no petty petitions, but a strong objection to the CPC’s repeated interference with Hong Kong’s affairs and hindrance of the democratisation of Hong Kong

May 19, 2016

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